Circle of Vengeance
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Up from the ashes, we continue to shine our light in the world of Everquest
Let no one say, this guild will not continue to live on in the hearts and souls of its members. Whether they are our main characters who were born in the arms of CoV or our twinks who continue to carry the guild tag with pride.
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I put together my first video for web, and who did I use for my background music??? Guess who.
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Everquest Map Sights
Everquest Map Sight, is it the best on the web?
I think so.
Eq Maps

We want Circle of Vengeance to grow
Every guild goes through changes.
This guild has endured incredible changes, members come and go, mostly for good reasons. To join bigger guilds that match their 'playing needs', or because of real-life friends, or they move on to other in-line games and then of course,
school, girlfriend/boyfriend real life happens too, just to mention a few.
Circle of Vengeance, at this point in time, is about friendship, a haven to enjoy each others company, whether to play together, or to just talk over chat.
If your interested in this type of 'layed back' guild, let us know, we are interested in getting to know you.
Brennwyn Zaknefina Inndia Laedy

Circle of Vengeance EZ Board
New Message board in place. Password is on guildmotd ingame.
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